Hope Community
Tuesday, December 01, 2020
Dayton, Ohio

Hope Community ONLINE

An Online Christian Community 

Why Hope Community Online? 

The Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way we live. Millions of people are isolated from the outside world. People are trying to make sense of life. We believe the Church has not only the opportunity, but the responsibility to step into this space to be salt and light.

Is Hope Community Online a Church?

While we believe online church is a legitimate expression of church, that is not our mission. We believe whenever and wherever possible, Christians should be a member of a local Bible-believing church in their city. We are also praying that God will use us to be a part of His strategy to birth new churches in many places.

What is the Purpose of Hope Community Online?

To inform, inspire and ignite a movement of common, ordinary, everyday missionaries in neighborhoods across the United States.

What is the Vision of Hope Community Online?

To see places of despair transformed into communities of hope through the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom

When does Hope Community meet?

We meet two times a week:

  • Facebook Live: Sunday nights, 8:30-9:00p EDT. Just tune in to Randy Chestnut's Facebook page.
  • Thursday Night Interactive Gathering (Restarting Thursday, July 9), 6:30-8:00p EDT. We use the ZOOM Platform. All you need is an e-mail address and a smart phone, tablet or computer with audio/video capabilities. 

Who is welcome?


What does it cost?