Meadowdale Baptist Church
Thursday, April 02, 2020
Dayton, Ohio



For many people, to "hope" is to "wish"... "I hope I get a new job", or "I hope I feel better soon"' or "I hope someone will love me someday".  When the word "hope" is used in the Bible, it means something completely different.  In the Scriptures, hope is an assured expectation.  The reason we have this hope is because it is built upon the character and capacity of God.  God is holy and true.  He keeps His word.  He is also all-powerful.  He can do anything He promises because no one or nothing can keep Him from doing it!  We invite you to join our community and discover the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Meadowdale Baptist Church Vision:

To see places of despair transformed into communities of hope through the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom

Meadowdale Baptist Church Mission:

Love and Serve God, One Another, and the World.
Pastor and His Wife:
Randy and Denise Chestnut
For Randy and Denise, moving to Dayton in 2011 was literally moving home. Both were born and raised in Dayton. They graduated from Kiser High School in Old North Dayton in 1978. The following year, they were married, and not long after that, bought their first home in Dayton.
  Denise became a follower of Jesus at the age of 8. Randy was saved when he was 19 during a revival service at Meadowdale Baptist Church. Randy and Denise sensed a call to vocational ministry in 1982. The family moved to Pineville, KY in 1986, where Randy enrolled at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. The Chestnuts graduated from CCBBC in 1990. They spent three more years serving churches in Kentucky, before moving back to Dayton in 1993. For 10 years, Randy served as pastor of the North Dayton Baptist Church. In 2003, Randy and Dense moved to Cleveland, OH, where they served and North American Mission Board missionaries and church planters, before returning to Dayton in 2010. Randy began serving as pastor of Meadowdale Baptist Church on November 1, 2016.
  Randy and Denise are the proud parents of Luke and Sarah, They are also very proud grandparents of Myah and Jackson.
NAMB Church Planting Intern, Frederick Clement, Sr.


Frederick Clement Sr. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Received the call to preach in 2011, and immediately began the work of an evangelist. Served at several churches as well as led a home Church Bible study for two years. He eventually transitioned from home church ministry into becoming a Church Planter. Frederick is the proud husband of Eikiala and proud father of Frederick, Jr., Malachi and Anthony. Frederick is a licensed Minister, as well as an, Endorsed Church Planter with the North American Mission Board (NAMB)